Physarum polycephalum - Plasmodial Stage, Plate Culture

L 9000P

For 30 students.

This "many-headed" organism is a plasmodial slime mold commonly found in forests on decaying deciduous trees. Available in both plasmodial and sclerotial stages.

  • Biosafety Level: 1
  • The Plasmodial Stage is the active feeding stage of Physarum and consists of a network of protoplasmic veins.
  • Plasmodial Stage is excellent for viewing Protoplasmic Streaming, or "Shuttle streaming"

The Sclerotial Stage is comprised of macrocysts, and is Physarum's dormant stage. It protects the organism until it is able to rehydrate in the presence of a food source.

Ordering information: All fungal cultures undergo an extensive quality control program prior to releasing for sale, so they are guaranteed for purity as well as for species. This organism is offered as a ready-to-use plate culture, as well as a dormant, dry version that can be rehydrated for culture at a later time.

Caution: Though this organism is not considered to be pathogenic, we recommend that you utilize proper aseptic technique when handling all microorganisms.

NOTE: Bacterial and fungal cultures will be sold and shipped to institutions only.

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