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General Science & Other Kits

General Science & Other Kits

Density Of Liquids: The Color Column Demonstration SKU: ALD7037
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Several liquids of varying color are added to a cylinder. Due to differing densities of the liquids, a density gradient is formed resulting in a layered, multi-colored column.

Evaluating Effectiveness of Sunscreens SKU: AP 4218
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This kit is designed to determine the relative effectiveness of various commercial sunscreen lotions under laboratory conditions.

Instruction and Use of Dichotomous Keys Kit SKU: LAB 51
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Scientists use dichotomous, taxonomic, keys to identify both living organisms and non-living specimens. Examples of this would be a naturalist's use of a field guide or a chemists use of the...

Lung Demonstration Kit SKU: LNGDEMO
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This simple, yet effective apparatus consists of two sacs which represent the lungs, a rubber membrane which serves as the diaphragm and a clear plastic enclosure which models the chest cavity.

Owl Pellet Kit SKU: AP 1109
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Owl pellets are a favorite at any grade level and Kemtec's kit includes a K-12 range of activities to facilitate spiraled and differentiated learning with stepped experiments and activities for...

Physical Properties of Glass SKU: ALD9005
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Often times, during a criminal investigation, police and crime scene investigators must use all available tools and pieces of evidence to work backwards and create the most likely scenario as to...

Science in the Kitchen SKU: ALD9355
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This comprehensive kit incorporates a variety of scientific techniques all themed around common kitchen materials. 

Toothpaste Evaluation Kit SKU: AP 4202
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This kit allows students to make sound judgements (based on data they collect) on the effectiveness of various toothpastes.