Tell me about Fetal Pigs


Fetal pigs are collected from the packing house as a by-product of the meat industry.  These pigs are removed from the uterus

of pregnant sows, taken to our facility where they are preserved. These pigs would otherwise be discarded.



      Ø  Anatomy of the fetal pig closely resembles that of man. Unlike a frog (an amphibian), the fetal pig is a mammal. 

Ø  Economical - fetal pigs can cost less than using the same size frog, rat or any other vertebrate.  

Ø  By-product of the food industry. These fetal pigs are considered waste products of packing houses.  

Ø  Abundant - as long as pork is consumed, fetal pigs will continue to be available.  

Ø  Fetal pigs are a viable alternative for those concerned about live animals in scientific studies. The fetal pig was never born; it did not "die" for dissection purposes. They are a by-product on another industry. 

Ø  Soft fetal tissue is easy to dissect. 



Ø  Sows are sent to market to be butchered. As part of the butchering process, we remove many organs including the uterus. Fetal pigs in various stages of development are often found within the uterus.   

Ø  These fetal pigs are removed from the uterus and are then transported to our laboratory for proper preservation and injections.  

Ø  Sows ARE NOT bred for the purpose of producing fetal pigs for dissection. Fetal pigs are a by-product of the food industry.  

Ø  Pig embryos that are not used for education will be used in the production of fertilizer or will be discarded.  



Ø  During extreme cold and extreme heat the mortality rate for sows increase. Rather than risk having the sow die from uncontrollable weather conditions, farmers will often send the sow to market to recover some of their investment.  

Ø  Farmers will often raise a larger number of sows than they expect to keep. This way the farmer can sell off any extra sows once the optimum number of baby pigs are born. Since no one can predict the number of piglets to be born per sow, raising extra sows is one way to ensure getting the desired number of baby pigs.  

Ø  Market prices will often encourage the farmer to sell livestock prematurely. Occasionally, the farmer may sell pigs just because they need the money.  



  Length               Approximate age 

10 - 15 mm                 20 - 30 days  

15 - 20 mm                 30 - 40 days  

20 - 40 mm                 40 - 55 days  

50 - 75 mm                 60 - 70 days  

   7 - 9"                       80 - 90 days  

    9 - 11"                     90 - 100 days  

  11 - 14"                   100 - 110 days  

  14 - 15"                   110 - 115 days  



Fetal Pigs   

The Specialty of Nebraska Scientific 

Nebraska Scientific, through its parent com­pany, Cyrgus Company, LLC., is one of the world's largest processor of fetal pigs. With over 55 years of experience, we process thousands of fetal pigs per year.  Our preserving process ensures adequate penetration into the tissue. Fetal pigs that have preservative injected into the body cav­ity are described as "plain preserved". "Plain embalmed" pigs have preservative injected through the arterial system. Many customers request an embalmed fetal pig with the circula­tory system injected, which we offer in single and double form. "Single injections" are done with a red latex that fills the arterial system. The "double injection" adds a blue latex into the veins, injected through the jugular vein. After injections, the specimen is placed in Nebanol, our no smell solution that rids the specimen of any formalin odors, ensuring it to be safe and pleasant for student use.   


We offer many sizes of fetal pigs for class­room dissection. The most popular sizes include 7-9", 9-11", 11-14", and our jumbo 14-15". All four of these sizes are available as plain, single or double injected.  


Nebraska Scientific Cyrgus is able to apply efficient mass production techniques due to the volume of fetal pigs processed daily. The result is a low cost specimen, with choice of sizes and injections.  

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