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Amazing Waves Kit SKU: AP 9116
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Seven activities lead students through the examination and observation of waves, wave properties, and the influence of wave action on the coastline

Building Simple DC Circuits Class Kit SKU: AP 15224
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Teach simple DC circuitry using actual components for relatability to real world applications. Includes five experiments in which students learn to build series and parallel circuits on...

DNA and Nucleic Acid Model Kit, Single Kit SKU: LAB 71-513
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This kit allows a student to construct a model of an 8-rung ladder segment of a DNA molecule and then build a molecular model of the basic components of the nucleotides of RNA and DNA

Environmental Extremes Plant Growth Kit SKU: AP EE-5010-KIT
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Simulate the conditions of acid rain, saline soils, drought and erosion in the classroom. A complete introductory unit on environmental studies. Six experimental protocols lead your students...

Force & Motion: Car Building Kit SKU: AP 1010
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This project based learning kit has students building cars to specifications to meet K-2 Engineering Design Performance Expectations.

Force & Motion: Flick Golf Building Kit SKU: AP 1020
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Put your knowledge of force and motion to test in this creative building challenge to construct a class course of 24 holes to flick your chips.

Let's Build Electromagnets Kit SKU: AP 15205
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Students use the Engineering Design Process to problem solve as they build electromagnets.

Oil Spill Management Kit SKU: AP OS-5000-KIT
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Students simulate deep-ocean and beach crude oil spills as they engage in the work of an environmental engineering team using models to learn the properties of oil and experience how scientists...