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Forensics Kits

Forensics Kits

Analysis of Documents Kit SKU: AP 10506
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They use visual and microscopic observation, UV light, chromatography, replicating techniques, and wet chemistry to detect forgeries of checks, documents, and messages.

Analysis of Drugs and Poisons SKU: AP 10502
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Introduce students to qualitative analysis in the intriguing context of criminal investigation in a Toxicology Laboratory. 

Analysis of Fingerprints Kit SKU: AP 10504
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Introduce students to six standard fingerprinting techniques used for dusting, lifting, and developing prints from smooth, nonporous surfaces.

Analysis of Minerals and Soils Kit SKU: AP 10500
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Kemtec’s Analysis of Minerals & Soils kit now extends the student’s experience from investigating the physical and chemical properties of trace evidence from a crime scene, to learning to...

Art Forgery Kit SKU: AP 10524
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Art Forgery adds excitement to art, chemistry, or general science classrooms. Students apply scientific observation and reasoning for a practical use, utilizing chemical, physical, and...

Crime Scene Investigation Lab Kit SKU: ALD9011
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Use your forensic techniques to solve the crime of the missing frogs from the biology classroom. Four possible suspects have been identified by the authorities. Use fingerprints, hair...

Crime Scene Kit SKU: AP 10542
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Students work through six experiments using math skills, biology, chemistry, problem solving, and deductive reasoning to determine whether the cabin is the crime scene

Criminalistic Kit SKU: AP 10532
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This murder mystery provides inquiry based learning with an intriguing twist. Students apply many CSI techniques including fingerprinting (dusting with carbon powder, dusting with aluminum...

Forensic Analysis of Fabric & Fibers SKU: ALD9018
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This kit has been designed to introduce students to the concepts of fabric and fiber analysis. Experiments in this kit cover the areas of cloth weave identification, microscopic fiber analysis,...

Forensic Chemistry of Carbon Fingerprinting SKU: ALD9012
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Learn to identify and classify different types of fingerprints. Students will learn how to identify different types of fingerprints and distinguishing characteristics, as well as dusting for...

Forensic Chemistry of Document Analysis SKU: ALD9003
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Help solve the crime using thin-layer chromatography to separate the ink on the ransom note and ink found in markers tied to possible suspects.

Forensic Chemistry of Drug Detection Kit SKU: ALD9010
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Everyone who ate the school cafeteria’s chili became ill. Could someone have tainted the chili? You are a forensic toxicologist. It is you and your classmates’ task to determine if any of the...

Forensic Chemistry of Hair Analysis SKU: ALD9007
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Discover how forensic scientists use hair to assist in solving crimes. You will discover the differences between human and animal hair as well as differences among different types of human hair....

Forensic Chemistry of Unknown Substances SKU: ALD9006
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Often times, when collecting evidence at a crime scene, investigators may recover substances they are unable to identify in the field. Along with evidence such as fingerprints, hair, fibers,...

Forensics Impression Kit SKU: AP 10538
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Footprints, shoe prints, tire tracks, and other impressions in soft materials are investigated as students become the detectives and learn to properly collect, record, photograph, and avoid...

Hair Analysis Kit SKU: AP 10522
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Students can conduct two forensic examinations of hair samples by preparing whole hair mounts and scale cast - standard procedures used by forensic examiners in crime laboratories.