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Company History:

Nebraska Scientific offers a wide variety of educational science supplies to schools, colleges, and universities throughout North America. Nebraska Scientific is a division of Cyrgus Company, LLC., one of the nation's leading processors of preserved biological materials - preserved materials destined for in science classrooms around the world. Founded in 1960 near Boyd, Wisconsin, company founders recognized that by-products and waste products of the packing industry were ideal for study in biology, life science, and anatomy classrooms. Rather than allowing these by-products to go to waste, the company began preserving a wide range of beef, pig, and sheep organs for science classroom study. Fetal pigs, brains, eyes, and kidneys are just a few of the many materials which the company processes. 

Shortly after it was founded, the company moved to Omaha, Nebraska in order to be close to major livestock markets, and has remained headquartered there ever since. Nebraska Scientific, the retail division of the company, was formed in 1968 in response to demand from schools to buy direct from the processor.

Over the years, Nebraska Scientific expanded its offerings far beyond preserved specimens. Recognizing the need for students in non-dissecting classrooms to learn about anatomy use, the company has produced dissection DVD's and videos as alternatives and supplements to dissection. In addition to specimens, Nebraska Scientific now supplies a full range of over 2,000 educational science products for use in biology, anatomy, life science, and environmental science classrooms in all 50 states. 

Products Offered: 

Nebraska Scientific offers a wide variety of educational science supplies to schools throughout the United States. Colleges, high schools, junior highs, middle schools, and upper elementary classrooms will be most interested in the Nebraska Scientific products. Nebraska Scientific features over 3,000 science products. Microscopes, laboratory instruments and supplies, anatomical models, skeletons and charts, live bacteria, molds, and fungi, protozoa, invertebrates, science kits, genetic supplies, books, and lab manuals comprise some of the many science supplies sold by Nebraska Scientific. Of course, Nebraska Scientific still prides itself in its high quality preserved specimens and still features those along with over 600 types of other preserved specimens from all phyla of the animal kingdom.

Most Popular Products 

PRESERVED SPECIMENS:  Fetal pigs, sheep brains, cow eyes, sheep eyes, plucks, hearts, kidneys, pig organs including eyes, hearts, kidneys, uterus, cow spinal cords, preserved grassfrogs, bullfrogs, preserved rats, cats - just about anything for the biology classroom dissection. 

LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: Microscopes, balances & scales, laboratory cabinets and tables, torsos, anatomical models, anatomy charts, and skeletons. 

Mission Statement: 

Nebraska Scientific supplies a wide array of quality science products to schools, science teachers, professors, and their students throughout all fifty states of the United States, and to other countries as permitted by import / export laws, shipping requirements, and customs agents.

Nebraska Scientific's product line is designed to provide the essentials for all aspects of biology, anatomy, life sciences, and environmental science classrooms. Teachers and school administrators should be able to rely upon Nebraska Scientific for the materials, supplies, equipment and technology needed for their classrooms in a timely manner and at a competitive price.