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Chemistry Kits

Chemistry Kits

Analysis of Minerals and Soils Kit SKU: AP 10500
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Kemtec’s Analysis of Minerals & Soils kit now extends the student’s experience from investigating the physical and chemical properties of trace evidence from a crime scene, to learning to...

Atomic Models Set, Classroom SKU: 58001
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Model different organic and inorganic compounds with this large set suitable for use by an entire class. Set...

Atomic Models Set, Student SKU: 58002
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Model different organic and inorganic compounds with this set. Set includes 30 connecting lugs and 75 colored balls, and a molded storage box with compartments.

Biochemistry 1 Kit SKU: AP 2216
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Introduce students to the chemistry of living things through five classic biochemistry experiments

Characteristics of Matter Kit SKU: AP 1114
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Includes ten experiments exploring the characteristics of matter: Properties of Matter, States of Matter, Physical Properties of Solids, Physical Properties of Liquids, Melting Point, Boiling...

Chemical Equations I Kit SKU: AP 13110
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Introduce students to Chemical Equations as they perform and observe two different single replacement reactions and two different double replacement reactions.

Chemical Properties Kit SKU: AP 13104
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Students test the chemical properties of seven different solutions in every combination and identify chemical properties by observing the reactions.

Density Of Liquids: The Color Column Demonstration SKU: ALD7037
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Several liquids of varying color are added to a cylinder. Due to differing densities of the liquids, a density gradient is formed resulting in a layered, multi-colored column.

DNA Model Class Kit with Paint SKU: AP 9102
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After completing the building exercise and problem set, students will have a better understanding of the double helical structure and the function and properties of DNA.

DNA Staining Kit SKU: LAB 170
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This highly engaging Lab-Aid is based on the Feulgen reaction where DNA in plant cells are stained purple for easy viewing.

DNA, RNA Protein Synthesis Modeling Kit SKU: LAB 72
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Demystify the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis. This hands-on modeling approach makes the complex chemistry of DNA/RNA protein synthesis easily understood! 

Elements, Compounds & Mixtures I Kit SKU: AP 13106
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Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures I focuses on solubility based separation methods: evaporation, distillation, filtration, and crystallization

Environmental Chemistry: Water Treatment & Filtration SKU: ALD9700
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Students will develop a knowledge of the processes performed at a water treatment plant and understand the reasons for each process. They will perform, on a small-scale, several of the...

Individual DNA and Nucleic Acid Model Kit SKU: LAB 71-513
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This kit allows a student to construct a model of an 8-rung ladder segment of a DNA molecule and then build a molecular model of the basic components of the nucleotides of RNA and DNA