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Environmental Science Kits

Environmental Science Kits

Amazing Waves Kit SKU: AP 9116
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Seven activities lead students through the examination and observation of waves, wave properties, and the influence of wave action on the coastline

Concepts of Classification Kit SKU: LAB 50
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This lab activity provides a controlled environment for exploring a rather complex concept: the classification of things different and similar at the same time. 

Decomposition Kit SKU: LAB 35
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What do the terms Biodegradable and Decomposition mean, and how do they happen? These are just two of the questions explored in this activity, and are both very important concepts in the study...

Deluxe Owl Pellet Dissection Lab Activity SKU: ALD3016
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Owl pellets are a favorite at any grade level and Kemtec's kit includes a K-12 range of activities to facilitate spiraled and differentiated learning with stepped experiments and activities for...

Environmental Chemistry: Water Treatment & Filtration SKU: ALD9700
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Students will develop a knowledge of the processes performed at a water treatment plant and understand the reasons for each process. They will perform, on a small-scale, several of the...

Environmental Extremes Plant Growth Kit SKU: AP EE-5010-KIT
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Simulate the conditions of acid rain, saline soils, drought and erosion in the classroom. A complete introductory unit on environmental studies. Six experimental protocols lead your students...

Human Activity & Environment Kit SKU: AP 1169
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Students study food web relationships and how natural and human induced changes in the environment such as severe storms, drought, floods, housing developments, road salt, fertilizer runoff, and...

Leaf Identification Kit SKU: NEK-201
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Students key out, identify and classify real leaves by their shape, size, veins, margins and position on twig.

Natural Selection Experiment Kit SKU: LAB 91
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Using Dr. Kettlewell's study as the basis for experimentation, students conduct two simple quantitative lab activities that demonstrate the effects of environmental pollution on nature. Kit...

Nematode Study Kit SKU: LAB 34
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This LAB-AIDS® kit offers students a very effective means for learning about living organisms. Students extract nematodes and explore their characteristics and structure. Sampling is easy as...