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Distance Learning, Acids and Bases Activity SKU: ALD1500
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Students will be introduced to acids and bases and test a dilute acid and dilute base with neutral litmus paper to learn how pH strips indicate if something is acidic or basic.

Distance Learning: Gas Laws SKU: ALD1516
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In this activity, students will use the Innovating Science apparatuses and your temperature and pressure sensors to measure and plot the physical characteristics of a gas

Distance Learning: Introduction to Chemical Properties SKU: ALD1517
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Students will test four unknown solutions and determine their identity by comparing their chemical properties to a variety of known samples. Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards...

Distance Learning: Introduction to Ionic Reactions SKU: ALD1518
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Students will test a series of microscale chemical combinations to learn how to identify if a chemical reaction has occurred. Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)*

DNA Model Class Kit with Paint, Single Kit SKU: AP 9102
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After completing the building exercise and problem set, students will have a better understanding of the double helical structure and the function and properties of DNA.

Physical Properties of Glass SKU: ALD9005
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Often times, during a criminal investigation, police and crime scene investigators must use all available tools and pieces of evidence to work backwards and create the most likely scenario as to...

Small Group Learning, Chromatography of Amino Acids SKU: ALD2522-SGL
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Kit contains enough materials for 5 groups. In this activity, students will perform a paper chromatography experiment on three known amino acids, and then use their results to identify the...

Small Group Learning, Fractional Distillation SKU: ALD2521-SGL
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Kit contains enough materials for 5 groups. In this activity, students will complete a fractional distillation experiment to simulate the fractionation of crude oil.

Small Group Learning, Oxidation-Reduction Reactions SKU: ALD8013-SGL
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This kit contains enough material for 5 groups. Three experiments will be run where a compound, which is colorless in solution when reduced, is converted to a deeply colored solution when...

Small Group Learning, Separation of Mixture of Solids SKU: ALD2523-SGL
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Kit contains enough materials for 5 groups. This kit provides for a qualitative test that will help students visualize that two different solids were collected, despite their similar...