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Head Models

Head Models

Human Head Model with Neck, 4 part - 3B Smart Anatomy SKU: 3B-C07
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The left half of this life-size model in midsagittal section shows the muscles, with nerves, vessels and bony structures and contains a removable brain half. The head is mounted on a detachable...

Human Head Model, 6 part - 3B Smart Anatomy SKU: 3B-C09/1
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Our most detailed head model! This life-size 6-part head is mounted on a base and features a removable 4-part brain half with arteries. The eyeball with optic nerve is also removable and one...

Median Section of the Head Model - 3B Smart Anatomy SKU: 3B-C12
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This relief model shows all relevant structures of the human head in great detail. The median section of the head is a great tool for teaching the important anatomical structures