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Plant & Animal Kits

Plant & Animal Kits

Basic Seed Set SKU: CS 2600
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Used to illustrate basic cotyledon differences between seed types and for germination studies.

BioQuest® Frog Development Study Kit SKU: N3728M
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Right before their eyes! Students will marvel at this fantastic life-cycle kit that provides an up-close and personal understanding of animal development. Students clearly view preserved adult...

Chromatography of Plant Pigments SKU: ALD3051
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Chlorophyll is the most prevalent and well-known plant pigment related to photosynthesis. It is not, however, the only plant pigment necessary for photosynthesis to occur. Other pigments are...

Effects of Gibberellic Acid Kit SKU: LAB 68
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This fascinating lab exercise studies the effects of gibberellic acid on plants. Gibberellic acid, when applied to plants, causes them to respond differently and at times unpredictably

Fetal Pig Pro-sect ™ Teaching System SKU: N3725M
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Teach basic mammalian anatomy to students without dissection! The Pro-Sect™ Fetal Pig displays an 11 in. -12 in., sagittally sectioned, preserved fetal pig in a sealed transparent,...

Instruction and Use of Dichotomous Keys Kit SKU: LAB 51
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Scientists use dichotomous, taxonomic, keys to identify both living organisms and non-living specimens. Examples of this would be a naturalist's use of a field guide or a chemists use of the...

Natural Selection Experiment Kit SKU: LAB 91
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Using Dr. Kettlewell's study as the basis for experimentation, students conduct two simple quantitative lab activities that demonstrate the effects of environmental pollution on nature. Kit...

Owl Pellet Kit SKU: AP 1109
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Owl pellets are a favorite at any grade level and Kemtec's kit includes a K-12 range of activities to facilitate spiraled and differentiated learning with stepped experiments and activities for...