How to Dissect by William Berman, Complete Guide to Dissection Procedures

PUB 50

A beginner’s guide to dissecting everything from an earthworm to a frog to a feral pig, perfect for a middle school classroom.


This 214-page manual features over 821 step-by-step illustrations providing a perfect introduction to the art of dissection. Each chapter includes special project ideas related to that specimen. Updated and easy to follow, these guided projects cover everything from simple earthworms to the complex fetal pig. Ages 12+.

This manual provides instructions for how to dissect 11 organisms

  • crayfish
  • earthworm
  • grasshopper
  • clam
  • squid
  • starfish (Sea Star)
  • dogfish shark
  • perch
  • frog
  • fetal pig
  • flower

It also includes instructions for dissecting a pig (mammal) brain, heart, and eye.

By William Berman. A Fireside Book, published by Simon & Schuster

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