Dialysis Tubing, (15.9mm x 25.9mm), 10-foot roll

Aldon Corporation

Dialysis Tubing, (15.9mm x 25.9mm), 10-foot roll, with a size threshold of 12 – 14 kilo-Daltons


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Dialysis Tubing, (15.9mm x 25.9mm), 100-foot roll AD13026 $84.00
Dialysis Tubing, (15.9mm x 25.9mm), 50-foot roll DD0106-50FT $42.00
Dialysis Tubing, (15.9mm x 25.9mm), 500-foot roll DD0106-500FT $398.00

Dialysis Tubing, (15.9mm x 25mm), 10-foot roll, with a size threshold of 12 – 14 kilo-Daltons,

  • 15.9mm when tube is open
  • 25mm when tube is flat

Semi-permeable membrane tubing made of regenerated cellulose from cotton linters, one of the purest naturally occurring sources of cellulose. Dialysis tubing is used for various separation techniques.  Separation techniques for educational and laboratory uses that facilitates the flow of tiny molecules in solution based on differential diffusion.

Contains water, glycerol as a humectant, and small quantities of sulfur compounds, primarily as polysulfides (approximately 0.1%). Store in air-tight container or re-humidify with water before use.

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