What is a Fetal Pig?

Fetal pigs are collected from packing houses as a by-product of the meat industry. After they are removed from the uterus, they are brought to our facility to be preserved.  If they are not collected by us, they will be discarded in the trash.

Reasons for using fetal pigs in classroom dissection:

  • Anatomy of the fetal pig closely resembles that of a human
  • Abundant--as long as pork is consumed, fetal pigs will continue to be available.
  • Soft tissue that is easy to dissect
  • Fetal pigs are a viable alternative for those concerned about animals used for dissection because fetal pigs were never "born" and did not die for purposes of dissection.

Our fetal pigs are embalmed with formalin then placed in no-smell solution called Nebanol. We offer a variety of sizes and options. We also offer fresh, no chemical specimens as a special request. 

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Estimated Gestation of the Fetal Pig:


Approximate Age


20-30 Days


30-40 Days


40-55 Days


60-70 Days


80-90 Days


90-100 Days


100-110 Days


110-115 Days