Did you know Nebraska Scientific can  customize dissection kits for college and university classes? (not for individuals).

Information for the instructors: 

We can put together special dissection kits for colleges and universities that would include only the items specified by the instructor (for example: specimens, goggles, trays, dissecting tools, etc.) and make them available on-line for students to order.  All items specified would be packaged in one box.  Great for those On-Line classes!  Feel free to call (800-228-7117) to discuss customizing a kit for your classrooms or complete this form.

Complete the form below to receive a written quotation from Nebraska Scientific:

Inside the “message” box(below),list the items you want included in your custom kit. We will send you a quote for your review.

 List all the specimens needed.

  1. Give us complete product description to include size, type, injection, brand, etc.
  2. Catalog numbers (if known) of our products to be included in your kit.
  3. Number of kits needed (quantity).
  4. Indicate if you need shipping charges listed; if so, provide ship-to zip codes.
  5. Required delivery date(s).
  6. Available for college and university classes.

 Most quotes will be returned with 24 hours (excluding weekends)