Bullfrog Dissection Model with Open Back (Bullfrog), On Stand, Eisco Labs


The detailed 3D rendering of a frog dissection with its vibrantly colored anatomy is ideal for studying the structure and function of the basic organs in a frog. Key anatomical parts are colored and numbered for comparison with the anatomy key that is included - all major organs are clearly visible and labeled on the ventral side. The frog is also dissected on the dorsal side to reveal the brain, spinal cord, ribs, nerves, and muscles of the hind leg. The frog itself can also be removed for further manipulation and investigation. This model provides a visually and kinesthetically effective method for studying the structure and function of the anatomy of a frog. It is a particularly useful tool for students who struggle with dissection to understand the basic anatomy that is gleaned from doing a dissection.

  • Vividly hand painted
  • Giant Size (Approximate Dimensions: 22" X 16")
  • External and Internal Organs shown in detail
  • Ventral cut reveals internal organs
  • Dorsal cut reveals brain, spinal cord, nerves, ribs, and hind leg muscles

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