Starfish 3D Model Mounted on Base, Sectional View, Hand Painted, 18" x 16", Eisco Labs


This star fish model is used for biological study, and depicts internal structures, including the digestive and reproductive organs, as well as the radial nerves for detailed examination. The model is numbered, and includes a key card for identifying features. The model is mounted on a base for display.

The model (not including the base) measures 15" wide, 15" long and 2.25" tall. The base measures 18" wide, 16" long and 0.5" high. The total height of this model measures 2.75"

Details Identified: Spine, pedicellariae, arm, tube feet, ambulacral grooves, gonad, ring ambulacral vessel, rings, nerve ring, radial nerve or canal, mouth, tentacle, hepatic caecum, anus, rectal caeca and coelomic cavity.

  • Starfish model for biological study
  • Depicts internal structures including digestive and reproductive organs.
  • Numbered with key card for identification of features
  • Mounted on base for display
  • Extra large display, perfect for any classroom.

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