• Laboratory Safety Posters Set Size: - 11" x 17"

Laboratory Safety Posters Set, 11"x17"


This set of 10 lab safety posters will enhance your science classroom and remind students about making safe choices in the lab. Each full-color poster measures 11 x 17 inches.

Size: - 11" x 17"

Set of one each of 10 different topics. 
Developed by the University of Nebraska Medical Center. 


  • Wash Your Hands 
  • Listen & Follow Directions 
  • Wear your Goggles 
  • Measure Carefully! 
  • No Monkey Business or Horseplay 
  • Handle Animals with Care and Respect 
  • Don't Eat or Drink Anything Without Permission 
  • Be Careful with Hot or Electrical Appliances 
  • Tell Your Teacher if Anything Spills or Breaks 
  • Wash Your Desk Before & After Experiments