Vorticella, Class/30

L 7

For 30 students.

This organism is easily recognized by its trumpet-shape, and can commonly be found in freshwater ponds and streams. It reproduces by budding.

  • Compare to Stentor for differences in cilia arrangement
  • Reproduces both sexually (via conjugation) and asexually (via budding)
  • Vital-Staining is available for this culture
  • Cytoplasmic elements are stained blue on your live culture, to allow for better visibility
  • Skip the wet-mount
  • Available as a set of 5 Readyslides
  • Tapered end of the container fits directly on your microscope

Vorticella is commonly mistaken with Stentor (also available). Vorticella has cilia around the opening of the trumpet, but not along the body, unlike Stentor. They reproduce by both budding as well as conjugation.

Genus: Vorticella Species: not-specified

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