Volvox aureus, Class/30

L 107

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Protist Set 2 (4 Cultures) L 12B $36.99

For 30 students.

Volvox aureus is a species of colonial green algae that forms spherical colonies of cells.

  • Extremely easy to visualize
  • Beautiful spherical, hollow colonies containing immature daughter cells
  • Volvox has green plastids and cell walls composed of cellulose
  • Cytoplasmic connections are the size of flagella- thinner than closely related V.globator (also available)

Volvox aureus is a species of Chlorophyte algae that can be found in freshwater lakes and ponds. When in optimal conditions, V. aureus will reproduce asexually; during times of drought or other adversity it will switch to sexual reproduction.

Genus: Volvox Species: aureus

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