Middle Ear Conditions Anatomical Chart - 2nd Edition - Laminated

CH 9893A

This chart provides a visual overview of common middle ear conditions and their treatments as well as normal ear anatomy. This recently expanded chart provides an illustration, photo inset and brief description of the following pathologies and their treatments: 

- Acute otitis media

- Otitis media with effusion

- Atelectasis 

- Drainage tube insertion 

- Eardrum perforation 

- Tympanoplasty 

- Otoscelrosis

- Stapedetomy 

- Ossicle damage 

- Ossiculoplasty 

- Cholesteatoma 

- Mastoidectomy 

- Bone anchored hearing aid 

This chart also illustrates cross-section of normal ear anatomy and provides a close up photo of normal right eardrum, sectioned into quadrants. Shows middle ear development. 

Measures 20x26in.. Printed in the USA by Anatomical Chart Company.