Zippy™ Deluxe Dissection Kit

DR Instruments


  • Zipper Case
  • High Quality Tools
  • Easy to Carry
  • Elastic loops-hold instruments firmly
  • Avoids breakage of fragile tools
  • Safe to use for students and teachers


  • Dissecting teasing needle angular with metal chuck (Brass Polished)(P/No: 38)
  • Dissecting teasing needle straight with metal chuck (Brass Polished)(P/No: 37)
  • Dissecting Iris scissors 4.5 inches (P/No: 9)
  • Dissecting forceps medium point 4.5 inches with guide pin (P/No: 13)
  • Cartilage knife with 2 inches blade (P/No: 26)
  • 1x2 Tissue forceps (P/No: 13-T)
  • Dissecting scissor with one point sharp and other point blunt, 5.5 inches (P/No: 5SB)
  • Dissecting scalpel handle #3 (P/No: 27)
  • Dissecting mall probe chrome (P/No: 36)
  • No.10 Blade (P/No: B10) or No. 15 Blade (P/No: B15)
  • Vinyl zippered case with linen (Black or Red)

Disclaimer: USE AT OWN RISK. Any action you take upon the use of dissection instruments, tools, or guidebooks is strictly at your own risk, and Nebraska Scientific will not be held liable for any losses or damages. 

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