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Classroom Dissection Set, Large DRCLS20 $149.95
Classroom Dissection Set, Medium DRCLS15 $99.95

Ideal Classroom dissection set for 15 or 30 students. This set contains 10 pieces of the seven dissection instruments, 40 blade #22's for the #4 scalpels, and 60 t-pins for pinning back specimens during dissection. Classroom set is ideal for a classroom of 10-20 students; classrooms with more than 10 can have their students work in pairs. All tools are constructed of premium stainless steel unless otherwise noted. Classroom Dissection Set comes in a medium-large sized plastic tray with 6 compartments that provide easy and safe storage of the tools for later use.

  • Qty 10,   4.5” Student Scissors 
  • Qty 10,   4.5” Student Forceps 
  • Qty 10,   Scalpel Handle #4 
  • Qty 30, Scalpel Blades
  • Qty 10,   Plastic Teasing Needle, Straight
  • Qty 10,   Plastic Teasing Needle, Angular
  • Qty 10,   Glass Dropper
  • Qty 10,   6” Plastic Ruler
  • Qty 10,   T-Pins, 20 packs of 6 or a bulk box of 300
  • Qty 1,     6 compartments for instruments

Disclaimer: USE AT OWN RISK. Any action you take upon the use of dissection instruments, tools, or guidebooks is strictly at your own risk, and Nebraska Scientific will not be held liable for any losses or damages. 

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