• Mammalian Anatomy: The Cat

Mammalian Anatomy: The Cat




186 pages, by Aurora M. Sebastiani & Dale W. Fishbeck.
This full-color dissection guide is intended for students taking Mammalian Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, General Biology, or Anatomy & Physiology courses and contains 175 photographs plus many full-color illustrations. The skeletal section is very detailed, with careful descriptions of individual bones and their relationships to each other and the entire system. The illustrations in this section are superior, representing actual bones with natural surface texture, features, foramina, etc. Coverage of other systems consists of a detailed account of the anatomy and a guide for the student through the instructional process of exposing that anatomy. The probable result is that he or she is likely to have a superior dissection to study. The format used in the muscular section is a systematic, regional treatment of muscle groups with a brief description of the muscle and a fairly detailed description of the origin, insertion, and action of each. This provides the student with a clear, concise block of related information clustered in one place in the text. The combination of a good anatomy text, clear discussions of dissection techniques, and well-executed photographs and illustrations makes this a definitive book in biology curricula.