Cancer and the Cell Cycle

LAB 908S

Developed by SEPUP


Students play a board game that simulates the cell cycle, with each student in a group of four taking the role of a specific type of cell. As they progress through the cycle, students learn about the phases and events of the cycle.

Accommodates unlimited classes, each with eight groups of students.


  1. Cell functions are regulated to control and coordinate cell growth and division.
  2. The cell cycle is the complete sequence of phases from the end of one cell division to the end of the next.
  3. When normal cell regulation is disrupted, serious consequences, such as cancer, result.
  4. Some types of cells, including blood and skin cells, divide more often than other types, such as liver and nerve cells.


  1. Students identify and describe patterns and relationships in data.

Content List:

  • 32 plastic cups
  • 16 number cubes
  • 8 Cell Cycle Game boards
  • 8 sets of five Cell Cycle Game Keys
  • 4 sets of modeling clay
  • 32 Student Worksheet and Guides
  • 1 Teacher's Guide

Classroom Planning: To complete this kit will require one to two ~55 minute class periods.

  • Recommended number of students: maximum 32 per class
  • Number of groups: maximum 8 groups of 4 per class
  • Number of classes: unlimited (no consumable materials)