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Science Tips

Tips  for  Science  Teachers 


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Helpful hints for science teachers listed below.  Nebraska Scientific is your source for biology and life science supplies and materials. 


Preserved Specimens - Which to Use ?
Which preserved specimen to use? This guide may help you decide which specimens are best for your classroom.
Tell me about Fetal Pigs
Everything you wanted to know about fetal pigs...
Caring for your Preserved Specimens
List "do's" and "don'ts" for taking care of your preserved specimens
Living Specimens - Tips on How to Order
Here are tips for ordering your live materials - things to know, ways to save money, and delivery information - a must read if you want to order live specimens !
Microscope Information & Care
Helpful hints on how to use, maintain and learn from microscopes.
Lab Table & Furniture Guide
Information on how to choose lab tables and furniture for the Science Classroom.

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