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Nebraska Scientific
Featured Products

Fetal Pigs 

Great low price
on Fetal pigs,
plain  9-11".   

Click on the image for more information.  


Fetal pigs - what better dissection than dissecting the pig?  Preserved specimens are our specialty.  

Cow / Beef Eyes 

Cow eyes for dissection.  These large eyes are a great opportunity to do the dissection of the mammalian eye. 




Wash Your Hands Poster Set  

Perfect for those places where hands need to be washed.  Set of 5 identical posters.  Click on the image for details.  


Wash_Your_Hands posters - great for any classroom.  Teach the science student about cleanliness in the lab. 

Laboratory Safety
Posters Set

Set of 10 different posters - recommended for all science classrooms.  Click to view. 


10 safety posters for the science classroom.   



Very popular for those that study human muscles. Features over 125 identified structures. 




Nebraska Scientific specializes in science supplies for high school, middle school, colleges and universities.  Check our our wide selection of biology products.  

Sheep Brains for Dissection 

Includes sheep brains with or without hypophysis, dura mater, and the entire sheep head.    


We offer sheep brains - many styles and configurations.  Choose with or without hypophysis, with or without dura mater, or high quality or student grade.  Large selection of brains right here.  

Classroom Dissection

One tray that contains dissection instruments for your classroom. A great money saver ! 



Dissection tools, instruments and more.  Here is a nice classroom set of dissecting scalpels, scissors and materials for the science classroom. 

Sheep Eyes for dissection

Talk about inexpensive - a great exercise for all ages.  For less than a buck you can have a sheep eye to dissect.  Click on the image to "see". 



Get your eyeballs!  Dissection specimens for the science classroom.  We offer sheep eyes, pig eyes, and the very popular cow eye for dissection.  

Fake Owl Pellets  

That's right - replica owl pellets.  Manufactured, these perfect pellets are totally safe and guaranteed to have three entire skeletons.  Click the picture to view the "Perfect Pellet". 



Owl pellets - but it is not real!  Fake owl pellets (need I say puke) that are man-made and safe to use in the science classroom.  


3823 Leavenworth Street

Omaha, Nebraska  68105-1180

Toll Free:  800-228-7117

Fax:  402-346-2216





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